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Welcome to Kingspan Canada

Sustainable Building Solutions,
Innovative New Technologies,
and Award Winning Design

Better Buildings
for a Better World

The buildings of the future need to deliver more than ever before. 

See how our advanced insulation and building solutions are already contributing to inspirational and sustainable buildings around the world. 

Explore our new global project showcase and learn more about our vision for sustainable buildings

Innovative technologies for the design of energy efficient buildings

Sustainable building solutions, innovative new technologies, and award winning design. At the heart of Kingspan's approach is the drive to help our customers achieve improved building performance. Forty years ago, a small family construction business in Ireland decided to dream big. We are committed to providing pioneering new technologies in insulation and low energy solutions worldwide, as well as support sustainability efforts and communities here in Canada.

Kingspan's Commitment to a Better Future

Products and Technology for Every Building Type

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We are helping the world to build a better way through innovative technologies, investing in sustainability, and producing world class projects.

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